The Work "Seoul Design Capital" wants to be a way to explore the transformation of the city through the eyes of a foreigner. The aim is to consider not only the changes made by new developments but also to look for people who have driven this change and made it possible.

The project has been organized in three journeys, each one focusing on the change of the construction site in Dongdaeum Desing Plaza and Park area and on the human connection to an aspect of design.


In this year I keep an eye on young and talented designers, that were already known in the international market and that were pulling the cultural vision of South Korea into an international field.


In October I focused on the development of the design concept to the citizens of Seoul. I went to the Seoul Design Fair and I took portraits of normal visitors asking them to write on a book "What does design mean for you" and trying to create a connection between the external world and their personal idea. The result is a series of two pictures where the subject is no more a silent one but is eloquent about a direction.


Next year I'll conduct an interactive exhibition together with some of the designers I've been in contact with. I think it's very important that Korean designers start to address to the city as they speak the same language and carry the same cultural view.


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